S:1 Episode 1: Pilot

Character Creation


I rubbed my eyes. The floating blue box didn’t go away. It hovered a foot above his bed, and was about ten inches wide and a foot long.


This is a weird dream. I thought. Wait. Am I lucid dreaming? I immediately coded eyes and tried to summon a chocolate bar and Scarlett Johansson. Nothing happened. I sighed. Fuck it, and hit the Y. The blue screen felt like a touchscreen, but the button actually moved down when I pressed on it.


The screen expanded to about twice its size, and displayed an image of me butt naked. Huh. Guess Karen wasn’t lying. I do have a weird looking body.


I wasn’t like fat or anything but I wasn’t skinny. My friend Adam called it “Premature Dad Bod”, which wasn’t totally inaccurate. Surrounding my glorious nekkid form were five boxes, four of them were labeled Face, Body, Stats, Hair while the last was greyed out and had the image of a lock on it. Gaming instincts kicked in, and I clicked the Stats button first.


(Note! 10 points is the average human!)

Vitality: 10

Strength 11

Dexterity 8

Intelligence 11

Wisdom 5

Endurance 8

Free Points: 30


Wait. Hold on. I had free points? That meant I could spend them on any of the attributes listed.

 I clicked on each of the buttons see what each attribute did. Vitality increased healthiness, disease resistance, and the overall physical damage I could take. Did that mean if I had enough Vitality, I could take a bullet?
I put fifteen into vitality without thinking, and an orange mist erupted out of the screen and poured through my skin. It felt like I was s a water balloon, about to burst. My skin stretched outwards and I tried to cry out in pain but something stopped the voice in my throat.


A few painful seconds passed, and I deflated.


This wasn’t a dream. When you dream, you don’t really feel everything. Try it. Can you remember feeling the ground beneath your feet in the last dream you had?


  If so, shit, just pretend my science is right.


This was real, and I had to take this seriously.


Strength increased um, strength of course. More specifically muscles grew in in power over the whole body. I’d be able to lift more, and run faster after putting points into it.


Dexterity was my reaction time and flexibility. With a high enough Dexterity someone could dodge bullets, matrix style


Intelligence was my memory, comprehension mana reserves, and magic power. Huh. Magic is real. I guess that was about as believable as real life video games.


Wisdom was problem solving and mana regen, while endurance was pain resistance and health regen.


I gritted my teeth and put five points points in strength, five in endurance and five in dexterity. I’d already put a ton in health, I guess I should go all the way and build a tank. I’d rather be able to take damage than give it out, and it seemed more useful in real life.


The mist rushed through me again, and I felt my muscles burn and expand, stretching the skin.


So vitality worked. I clicked confirm, and the box expanded again.



As a reward for joining, You get one free ability!

Abilities:(Note: Some abilities have not been listed because you cannot use them with your current stats)

Berserker’s Rage

The fury of the ancient warrior is yours.

+15 Strength +30 Endurance


Spirits Regen

Your body restores as fast as the shells of spirits trapped on earth

+45 Endurance


Fist of the Heavens

Your attacks are coated in the fire of the gods.

Damage X3



The Shadows are your friend.

You can become invisible in Shadows


Rage seemed the most balanced of the four. If I ever got in trouble it allowed me to heal quickly, and increase my strength by 33%. I chose it, and a smaller box popped up.

Using abilities is easy! Until you level it past Level 5 just shout the words to Activate it!

Once the abilities reaches level five, you can activate it just by willing it!

I clicked ok, the box disappeared, leaving me at the character creation stage. I noticed that after I had put points into strength my muscles had grown and were clearly visible. Instead of a flat stomach of pasty flesh, I could actually see the beginnings of a six pack, and my pectorals were less round, and squared out more.




I got up, showered, and went downstairs, and saw a blue name tag hovering over my mom’s head. It read (Allyson Creag Lvl 1). A blue notice popped up


You can learn more about things by activating Observe!

It’s Level Five so you can just think it!

I shrugged, closed the notice and thought Observe.

Allyson Creag


Class: ?

Vitality 10

Strength 11

Dexterity 13

Intelligence 15

Wisdom 15

Endurance 12

“Hey! Good morning sweetie!”

I shook my head and the info box vanished.

“Hey Mom.” I walked to the pantry to get some cereal, but she handed me a plate with a bagel on it. I smiled. “Thanks!”

“No problem. So, Alex. Are you prepared for the math test today?”

We had a test?

Oh shit.

“Yeah, some of the problems were tricky but I did a few extra ones of those, and I think Im ok.”

“Great! Good luck today!”

I smiled, and she walked away into the living room. I looked down, and saw a blue box covering the bagel. It read:

Ordinary Bagel

An Ordinary Bagel

+25 Hp

Would You Like to Store it?

Think Inventory to open up your Inventory, and place it in.


I did, and a one foot by one foot grid poofed into existence in front of me. I touched it with the bagel, and with a flash of light the bagel disappeared, and the first grid was filled with the image of a bagel.

Now this was useful. My mouth watered at all the things I could do with this inventory, but my alarm rang and I had to go to the bus stop. When i reached the stop sign at the end of my road, I sat on the curb and pulled my math book out. The test was at fourth period. I had plenty of time. I was so engrossed with my cramming, that I didn’t notice Alice, my neighbor and great friend sneak up on me until she flicked me on the back of the head and turned around.  

She was tall and thin, with a very flat chest, but even under her white long sleeved T-shirt you could see she was toned. Behind Greg she was the most atheltic person I knew. She had done Gymnastics since she was like three, and competed nationally. She smirked and pointed over her head. I looked  and saw

(Alice Harris, Player, LVL 1)

We looked at each other and I pointed above my head. She nodded, and I said, “It happened to you? Blue boxes and everything?”

 “Mine were orange but yea. You know why this happened? Also uh, what stats did you take? What ability?”

“No idea,Vitality Dexterity and strength. I chose Berserker Rage.”

“Damn that one sounds aggressive. It wasn’t one of my choices, so you probably have a lot more strength. Anyways I went Endurance and Dexterity, with shadow step. Dexterity seemed useful for gymnastics and turning invisible sounds cool.”

I laughed. “Don’t lie. You wanted to be a ninja like your great great great grandad. She giggled. “Maybe.” Her face turned more serious and she said “I’m so glad it happened to someone else. I thought I was going crazy.”

“Yea, me too” I admitted.

We chatted the whole way to school in hushed tones about what it meant, who else would have it, and what we should expect in the future. At school we waved goodbye and headed to our homerooms. 

The second I sat down, I was hit with a wave of unease and anxiety. Something was very wrong. I fought the urge to run, and calmly looked out the window. The normally busy streets were completely devoid of life, and the sky was a whirling sea of purple.

 I turned to tell everyone but I saw that everyone except my teacher Mrs. Monahan and I had fallen unconscious. She looked at me with panic in her eyes and motioned for me to get down. 

I hit the floor just as a gunshot rang through the building, and a tall man in swat gear walked in. His face was covered by a helmet and balaclava but his eyes glowed blood red.

Above his head I read

(Thrall, Monster LVL 2)

I tried using observe, but all that came up was the description


Not yet a vampire, no longer human, these monsters traded freedom for a chance at immortality.

Legends say they feel no pain, and have inhuman strength

Vampires. Great.  

He pulled a pistol out of his holster and pointed it at Mrs. Monahan.  In a gravelly voice he asked her, “Which one of these children is Alex Creag?”

She put her hands up. “He isn’t in school today.”

“Don’t lie to me, Carolyn.”

She flinched at the creature using her name.

“I’m not, I swear to god I’m not. He called in sick.”

“He is present. Don’t lie to me.”

He grabbed her by the throat with one hand and lifted her into the air effortlessly.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood up. “I’m Alex.” Mrs. Monahan  screamed “NOO-“


She fell to the floor lifeless.

Oh my god.


Rage. Like a flowing river it poured into me. I wanted to kill so bad. I wanted to leap at him and rip his head off.

It’d be easy. I felt power in my arms. All I had to do was say rage. The power up would only last under a minute, but it would be enough. I could do it. I will do i-

No. I had to wait. He’d shoot me before I could reach him.

He pointed the gun at me.

“You. Come.”

I walked forward slowly, careful not to agitate him. When I reached him I stopped moving. 

“Don’t stop. Keep walking.”

I stayed perfectly still, poised and ready to strike. He relaxed a bit and stepped forward. He might have begun to say something, but I leapt forward, grabbed his wrist and crunched the bone into splinters. 

Wow, I’m strong.

The gun clattered to the floor, bouncing against the linoleum. The sound caught my attention and the Thrall used the opening to drive his fist directly into my chest, doubling me over. 

I hacked up blood, and saw my health bar decrease about a tenth. A few more hits like that and I’d die. I forced myself to look into his blood red eyes, took a deep breath and screamed,


My body lit up like a glow stick, blanketing the floor in soft red light. The Thrall’s eyes widened in suprise, and I felt my ribs begin to knit themselves together. My muscles grew bigger and bigger, stretching my shirt and with a bloodthirsty roar I slammed my fist down onto his his arm, breaking it in half. Without even a grunt of pain he grabbed me with his other hand and threw me into the ground, cracking the floor and bringing my health down to about seventy five percent.

 I rolled over just in time to catch his boot as he drove it at blistering speeds downwards. It felt felt like catching a truck. 

I tried to force him off me, but he just pushed downwards even harder, digging my elbows into the floor. 

So, I broke his foot off. 

Expecting to be showered in blood I winced,  but nothing happened. 

Oh right. Undead.

He punched downwards with his good hand, but I rolled out of the way before springing to my feet.

Slowly and mechanically The Thrall stood up. He slid his arm behind his back, and withdrew a knife larger than my hand.


“Fuck off.”

He jumped, far too gracefully for a human and stabbed towards my heart, but I twisted away and slammed my palm into his back.

 He crashed through the table, but rolled with the momentum and slashed a nasty gash into my arm. I gasped in pain, despite my 43 Endurance, and stumbled away from him, clutching the wound. He rose to his feet again, but instead of charging he looked at me quizzically. 

I looked downwards at my hands, shocked to see the red light fading. I checked my mana and my worst fears were realized. I was out. My buff was gone. 

Thankfully, the increased endurance had gone to work and my health had been restored to around eighty percent and the gash had stopped bleeding.

I raised my hands in a martial art stance I had seen in movies and readied myself for his next attack. 

In a blur he delivered two punches into my abdomen with the unearthly strength.

 A few ribs broke under the impact, but I couldn’t scream. The air, and a good bit of my blood had been forced out of my lungs. I went skidding across the ground and bounced off the fallen body of a student.

I rose to my feet and charged again.

The Thrall jumped forward, swung his ruined leg out in a brutal sweep and slashed the knife at my throat. I jumped backwards, tripped over a desk and fell onto my back. My head crashed against the floor and I yelped in pain.

The Thrall swung the knife downwards, but I caught his wrist with both hands.

If this happened a bit ago when Rage was still active, I could have ripped his arm out of his socket. Now, it was all I could do to keep the knife inches from my chest. 

He was way too strong. I couldn’t stop him. But I had to. Pushing against him with all my might, I roared in frustration anger and rage. I roared with grief, fear, and sadness. Most of all however, I roared with the desire to live.



 Due to your strenuous exercise you have earned +2 Strength! 

You are now at Strength 18!

My muscles bulged with newfound power and I forced the knife upwards. I pushed myself to my feet myself to my feet, and shoved The Thrall off of me.

Still holding onto his knife hand, I kicked his leg out from under him, sending the freak sprawling to the ground. 

I twisted his arm around, pointing the end of his knife at his throat and pushed with all my might. 

The point pierced his black balaclava, and the red light in his eyes faded. 


You Have Reached Level Two!

You have earned 30 Stat points 

Due to your stats and unarmed prowess

 you have been assigned the RIXATOR class

Click Y for further info!


I did, and the screen changed.


The Warrior of the Earth

A powerful unarmed warrior, the RIXATOR excels in close quarters combat. While, his hands may not be as deadly as a sword or gun, a RIXATOR can take what would be fatal damage for a lesser man without breaking his stride. A RIXATOR is not all brawn however. Many opponents have made the fatal mistake of underestimating this giant’s speed, for it is told that they could even catch a hundred arrows fired by a hundred different archers with cutting their hands.

+5 Vitality every level

+5 Dexterity every level

Gained Passive Skill Fist of the Mountains

Fist of the Mountains

A Rixator’s greatest strength is not his own body, but rather the spirits of the earth beneath him. They shall lend you your strength to smite your enemies.

Unarmed/Gauntlet damage X2

Gained Skills

Earth Shield

Create a shield of rock up to 10 feet in diameter

30 Mana per use


Coat your fists in Scorching lava.

5 mana per second

Secondary use

Fire the fists as a powerful projectile

40 mana

Good. I needed more weapons.

That Thrall showed me how weak I was. I was nearly helpless when my mana ran out. I needed to be able to survive without buffs or abilities.  Opening up the character menu I put ten points into Strength, Ten into dexterity, five into intelligence, and five into wisdom. That raised me up to

Vitality: 30

Strength 28

Dexterity 18

Intelligence 16

Wisdom 10

Endurance 8

HP: 225/300

Mana: 100/160

“Inventory” I said, summoning up the little grid. I wiped the blood on my face and grabbed the bagel. It was still warm. My teeth crunched through the slightly burnt exterior and I could feel internal bleeding clot, and ribs fasten back together.

It Hurt. 


Coughing from the stabbing pains, I forced the bagel down my throat and saw with satisfaction that my health had been raised to 250. I pulled myself to my feet and headed out the door only to be greeted by another, even larger Thrall with a small black handgun.

“Do not res-” he tried to say, but a sledgehammer cloaked in blue flame shattered the swat helmet and splattered the creatures skull over the wall.

Cleric Greg Smith has joined your party!

“Greg!” I shouted. Greg had been my friend longer than I could count to ten. 

Despite our growing differences as we grew up, our friendship had never wavered.

 When I caught Karen cheating on me, he left a football game to help me through the night. 

When the Coach tried to kick him and his boyfriend Ben off the team, I led the Student protest that got him fired. We had gone through thick and thin together, and I felt an immense amount of relief to see him both safe, and a player.  

“Alex! Are you ok?”

“I- I am. I killed a Thrall but he-he he killed Mrs. Monahan. He snapped her neck in front of me, and She was just trying to protect me. It’s my fault. I-It’s all my fault Greg.”

 I felt tears splash down my face, but Greg wrapped me up in a big bear hug.

 “She was murdered by something evil. You were the target not the killer. Remember that. She died doing her job. Protecting people. Now it’s you turn.”


“Help me carry the students into our safe room. Then you, Alice, Ben, Julia, Mike, Omar, and I are going to bring the fight to these bastards. Sound like a plan?”

I grinned. 

“Sounds like a plan.”


Alex Craeg


Vitality: 30

Strength 28

Dexterity 18

Intelligence 16

Wisdom 10

Endurance 8

HP: 300

Mana: 160


Greg Smith

Class: Cleric

Vitality: 23

Strength 25

Dexterity 17

Intelligence 25

Wisdom 20

Endurance 15

HP: 230

Mana:  250


Authors Note:

Hey! This is Whyknotzoidberg and thanks for reading. If you like the serial, Check out my other serial Hotfoot here. More importantly however, you can share, like, tweet and even just plain tell your friends about the serial. Every view counts. Thanks, and expect an update every two weeks.


S:1 Episode 1: Pilot

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